Lin Hsin-Chen – Water – Stream

It is hard to imagine that the stream is as limpid and quiet as an elderly man. He is telling stories. I hear the short and slow words that are full of powerful reminders. Standing by the stream, I feel everything is just wonderful.

In September, in the suburbs of Budapest, the natural environment is fascinating and the scenery is picturesque.

This is a scene in my trip to Europe in 2017. I hope I can create a series of works to share with everyone.

Materials: self dyed fabric, commercial print fabrics, linen, silk, metallic thread, embroidery floss
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilted, hand embroidered


  1. Love your analogy of the stream, great idea to bring together all of your European experiences into individual quilts. Beautiful work.

  2. Yes, the sounds of the river, telling stories that you can interpret yourself. A nice way to express the water-theme, and a nice surrounding you made for your river. All together it shows the strength of the water in a peaceful area, well done.

  3. Thank you Kaylene and Eke for your lovely comments. I tried hard to depict the strength of the stream. I enjoy the creative process and like the resulting work.

  4. I love the description of the stream and the tranquility of the surroundings. The contrast between the foreground and background is really good, lovely work.

  5. This is absolutely again a quilt of your hand. Nice colors and great technique. I would love to see a close up view.

  6. Water gives always feelings. You’re really able to transmit the sensations of peace and beauty of the landscape and the power of the river. Really nice work!

  7. Lovely work. I recognize your style from Houston! What a beautiful scene!

  8. Great use of fabric for the stream…and I love the way you executed the tree trunks!

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments! Honestly, I have always been worrying about if my techniques meet my expectation. Thankfully, I finally completed this satisfying work!

  10. A very quiet but also colourful piece ! I always like the philosophy behind your quilts.
    The contrast between the foreground and the background is very effective.

  11. studiociboulette

    I love the freshness of your quilt. Beautiful!

  12. Such a peaceful yet strong landscape, and your hand work is beautifully done.

  13. Love the analogy of the elderly man and a quiet stream. A beautiful piece.

  14. What a well depicted stream, with delicacy to create a peaceful feeling. Your techniques are beautifully worked.

  15. Beautiful composition. It again is so much your own style. Love it.

  16. A lovely, peaceful scene. I can almost hear the stream.

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