Susan Slesinger – Re-arranged

In the US supermarkets carry products often referred to by quilters and sewists as colour magnets.  They are specially treated pieces of terry-like cloth which are placed in the washing machine with batches of mixed coloured clothes.  They are supposed to stop the colours from running (bleeding) into each other during the washing cycle.  A number of quilters use them when washing multi colored quilts.  I have never tried one. However, I can picture these magical products swimming around collecting the different colours and challenging themselves to re-arrange them into a traditional colour wheel.  What fun they are having trying to catch the dye molecules.

Techniques: Foundation piecing, raw and turned edge machine applique, couching, colouring with pencils and machine quilting.

Materials: Hand dyed Cherrywood and commercially printed cotton fabric, Quilters Dream cotton batting, Derwent Inktense coloured pencils with fabric medium, 60 weight cotton thread, polyester monofilament thread and Superior Razzle Dazzle thread.


Close up view:



Humorous quilts, Cherrywood fabric, machine applique, foundation piecing.



  1. An original idea which works really well.

  2. Nice and funny concept that works well.

  3. What a creative quilter related idea. Love the floating around magnets.

  4. Very original idea ! I like the contrast between the bright colours and the background.

  5. studiociboulette

    Great concept. I love your hand dyed fabric.

  6. Lovely colours and well worked idea. I like the way that this has come together. Well done.

  7. Very colourful and imaginative.

  8. Love the idea and your vision!

  9. An original and colourful way to look at the theme, translated into a quilt that exudes pleasure. Well done.

  10. I used this color-catchers (that is how they are called here), but mine always come out in a brown/grey color. Now I will look at them in a different way.
    Nice colors.

  11. Clever take on theme!. Strong colors. Fun!

  12. What a fun way to look at the theme, the magical magnets made me smile.
    It’s a wonderful and original interpretation.

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