Sonia Ruiz – Music


Inspiration:  The love and joy of family

This quilt represents all the love and joy of family as we celebrated my daughters wedding this past weekend.  My daughter got married to a wonderful young man in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The red glitter organza represents the country of Mexico.  There are 2 crystals, one is where I live, Monterrey, Mexico.  The second crystal represents Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, where my daughter got married.  The figure is a mariachi musician playing beautiful music. The back ground fabric is typical Mexican woven fabric.

Materials and techniques: Glitter organza, commercial cotton and woven textile.  cotton batting, polyester thread, raw appliqué and free motion quilting.


Close up view:

  1. A wonderful celebration quilt, a great way to remember your daughter’s wedding.

  2. What a wonderful interpretation full of joyful colours.Lovely work.


    A piece full of joy ! I like the woven mexican fabric you used for the background .

  4. What a great forecast for their marriage! Lovely artwork too 🙂

  5. Looking at your quilt I get a true feeling of Mexico: the colors, spicy food, music. Love it!

  6. Just read a book that plays partly in Mexico and was telling about the mariachi music. Your memory quilt sounds like my book, color and music, bringing energy!

  7. Oooo this beautiful quilt makes me homesick for Mexico. The colors, the mariachi music, the sun, the people etc. What a wonderful memory for your daughter and her husband. Congratulations again.

  8. I live very close to the Mexico – America border where the cultural influence is quite prominent. The Mariachi bands fascinate me with their interpretations of both traditional and popular music. You have done such a fabulous job in the simplicity of your piece, especially with the single fabric for the musician. I can almost hear his trumpet!

  9. A real Mexican quilt. I love how the music comes from the trumpet. Very well done and a great memory to a lovely wedding.

  10. studiociboulette

    Beautiful Sonia! Joyful fiesta in the air. Your quilt screams music from colors to stitching and the beautiful mariachi. I love it!

  11. Really vibrant and happy colours that capture the joyful music of Mexico. What a wonderful way to remember happy family times. Lovely

  12. A really happy quilt. I love the musician’s colourful outfit and the way his music spirals away into the air. A great family memory.

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