Margaret Horton – All in Good Time

I found ‘Time’ to be a real teaser, only because it presented to me so many (too many) options to choose from, so much so that I will probably use this theme for future work.

I came up with the idea of using materials which evolve with time and at the Festival of Quilts we bought some lovely white cotton from Empress Mills, which I wrapped around old rusty bits and pieces I had collected years ago from a factory site, which now has lovely new houses built on it.  Also included were  pieces donated by my husband from his tool shed, items which he did admit to not seeing for many years.

All shapes were included in these precious ‘parcels’ and I added some vinegar to a tray of water and let the fabric sit and evolve.  I left it for about 2 weeks and the result was wonderful, well I think so.  The washers decorating the quilt were some which had been included in the rusting process.  I have always liked the contrast of turquoise with rust colour and the stitch used is chain stitch, as there was a piece of chain also included in the mix.

Although this piece is somewhat abstract for me, I am pleased with it and I am so grateful to be part of a group that allows us to take time (no pun intended) to explore the themes posed and experiment with our ideas, whatever they may be.

Marg Horton All in Good Time

Close up View:

Margaret H All in Good Time close up



  1. I love the rust and the design.

  2. I like this very much — the rusting, the composition and the wee touch of the complementary blue. Well done!

  3. Great idea. I love rust dyeing and have done some, but never thought to use it for this challenge. Fantastic!

  4. Chantal Guillermet

    I like the colour of rusted fabric and yours is really beautiful

  5. I just love rust and how it reacts to fabric, well done and the addition of the turquoise is such a great idea. Great work.

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