Greetje Hein – Horizon

As far as you can see

You might know that I live below sea-level, on the bottom of the sea, in the Dutch reclaimed land. About 80 years ago they built a dyke in the sea and pumped the water out. Ditches were dug to control the water level and rapeseed and reed were planted to get the soil dry. This new land was especially meant for agriculture. It is flat and everything is straight: the roads, ditches, land for farmers, rows with windmills. Straight lines as far as you can see; from here to the horizon.  For this quilt I took a picture that shows some of this typical items of this area.

I printed the picture on photo-fabric and cut this into five pieces. The parts between the photo-fabric are filled with organza and thread-painted so it becomes one picture again. I also used intense pencils for some details. I placed two (left-over) tulips for more depth.



Detail view:

close-up horizon

close-up 2 horizon

  1. quilterpaola

    I’ve visited your country some years ago. I was impressed by the landscape taken away from the sea and the enormous work that has been done. You have given me back, with your piece, the same feeling of vastity of the Netherland. Good job of perspective and depth.

  2. carolinehiggs

    Love the perspective and the wind farm stretching as far as the eye can see. great attention to detail as ever, great piece.

  3. What an interesting place – broad horizon and only “sky is the limit”!

  4. Your quilt is such a good interpretation of your country ! the horizon far away and the flat land stretching in the distance. And the tulips are a reminder of the identity of the Netherland. Bravo !

  5. What a very clever technique! Your quilt really gives a great feeling of the open space in the flat countries.

  6. Raising the horizonline definitely gives the feel that you are below sea level. The powerlines are wonderfuly effective at portraying perspective.

  7. A piece close to my heart as I have been living there for many years. Very clever idea to spilt up your picture and fill it in again. As always your technique is very effective. Well done.

  8. Your techniques are very effective in creating the feel of flat, straight lines as far as you can see. The tulips and the wind turbines add to the perspective. Well done Greetje!

  9. studiociboulette

    I like your technique of using a photo, and by cutting it and introducing other pieces in it you have created a new perspective, giving dimension to your quilt. Beautiful!

  10. English quilter

    you are courageous to cut up a photo and put it together again to create a whole. The piece emphasizes the flat vastness of the area. The line of modern windmills on the right and the line of trees on the left help to create a sense of straightness and vastness. The muted colors are very effective, and the tulips provide a contrast letting the viewer know that we are looking at Holland.

  11. Greetje, your quilt tells why I am glad to live in the Netherlands again. My daughter lives in the same town as you do, and every time I love the view of the lowlands. Your technique to split up the picture worked very well, love your piece.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful details to give the piece real perspective and depth. I like the way that you have started with a photo and developed the scene from there, and the image you have created really depicts your homeland. A lovely piece

  13. Very interesting effect. The tulips made me know where you were. I like your composition very much!

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