Sheryl Meech – Monoprint – Wisteria


Inspired by the Wisteria growing on the fence outside my kitchen window.

Everyone knows how beautiful the Wisteria flowers are but the leaves also have their own beauty and charm.

I did two prints on my background piece.   First I painted a piece of foam in largish blobs and spread them out a bit than laid the fabric down and rolled it with a brayer.   After the paint was dry I repainted the foam with a different green, wet and scrunched my fabric then laid it down and rolled it again. I wanted the background to look like foliage.

I painted a wisteria leaf with metallic paint and printed it on a piece of hand dyed fabric.   I then printed another leaf on a piece of mono printed fabric that was really uninteresting.  This piece I sliced up and appliqued it to the background.

Machine quilted with some hand stitching for emphasis .



  1. English quilter

    the mixture of hand and machine stitched lines is very effective. The leaf print is beautiful and delicate. The leaf prints in the close up are also very interesting.

  2. I never would have thought to use mono-printing to create the background — to such great effect!

  3. It is a good idea to use a piece of the background to make a second print of the leaves. I like the way you’ve cut it and appliquéd it with hand stitches.

  4. I lovely mix of techniques, I really like the way that you have layered the colours and mixed hand an machine stitch next to each other.


    A very effective use of colour and a nice way you made your background. Those leaves are beautiful and I like the way you have balanced them in your quilt.

  6. I like the variation of colour that the overprinting has achieved, and the mix of hand and machine stitching is very effective

  7. What a good idea to use foam for the monoprint of your background. It really looks like foliage. The use of hand and machine quilting makes the overall design even more interesting.

  8. I have to agree with everyone, this is a delightful quilt and the use of colour brings everything together. Well done.

  9. I will try your interesting way of printing the background. Very effective. I also like the vertical pink stitching.

  10. What a nice piece. I love your hand quilting and the way you cut the leaves.

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