Sheryl Meech – Water

Water our most precious resource.  We need it, animals need it and our plants need it.
In our area our water is metered and we pay for it.  We are much more aware of how much we use.
Hand dyed fabric for sky and the watering can.  Rust dyed fabric for the pots.   Small Topiary trees made from Tony snippets of fabric heavily stitched to hold them down.
Water stitched with three different threads, a white mother of pearl a silver metallic both stitched on the machine and the third thinking strips of tinsel stitched by hand.
Close up View:
  1. I like this Quilt. I like the pouring water and Watering of plants. Very touching.

  2. I like the charm of this piece – and the particular glint of the water pouring on the plants. A happy piece!

  3. It’s lovely! You did a wonderful job depicting the pouring water! Well done.

  4. Lovely, I like the way the quilting defines the water against the sky.

  5. It seems that you love flowers and plants like me. I love the watering can and the technique of pouring water.

  6. It is a positive interpretation of the theme. Very nice and full of joy !

  7. studiociboulette

    I love the sparkly water….awesome!

  8. What a lovely quilt. Did you use snippets of fabrics or yarn for you trees.

  9. What a sweet interpretation on the preciousness of water. Lovely.

  10. I agree with all the others, a lovely quilt and very effective use of threads for the water, you see it run out of the watering can…

  11. I am taken with the sparkle in the water, lovely theme. Well done.

  12. I love the way that your water sparkles and seems to pour out of the can. The pots and plants are beautifully worked and the colours are just right. A very well worked piece.

  13. Lovely. I particularly like the way you have made the tiny trees and how you have stitched the spray of water. I hope you have had rain by now.

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