Joan Brailsford – Artist style #2

Westport lake

Inspiration:  Our local lake and nature reserve

Continuing my theme of ‘close to home’ in the style of my chosen artist Hundertwasser, I decided to depict a local lake which we often use for our daily walks. The lake was created from reclaimed waste land, and which also serves as a nature reserve.  I used the shape of the lake and colours of the water and trees.

When starting a quilt I always use a base of thin scolata cotton to which I attach my design. For the water I used a background of hand-dyed polycotton that I tacked to the base, and added bands of commercial fabric in graduated colours. I hand-stitched these these down as part of the design and to anchor the lake to the base. I used a silver thread and chain stitch to hint at a glisten of water between each band, and added a central section of dyed abaca tissue.

For the background to the trees and vegetation surrounding the lake, I pieced strips of silk sari ribbon together and used tiny seed stitches to attach these to the base.  For the trees I again used hand-dyed polycotton and used inktense pencils to colours bands of green, I then added hand stitched circles to emphasise and add to the bands.

Finally I used machine stitching to echo quilt the shapes surrounding the trees and between the bands of colour in the lake. The quilt is bound with the samew black and white fabric as my previous piece, and I hope to use this for all of my quilts this year to give some continuity.

Detail views:



  1. What an innovative design, I think you have used Hundertwasser’s designs to create a very interesting quilt. bravo

  2. carolinehiggs

    I love the choice of colours and fabric and you have interpreted the style beautifully. Great work!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Your choice of colours and the shapes you used for the lake and the trees are really in Hundertwasser’s style ! Everything is pleasant in this piece but I especially like how you have built the background.

  4. Maryte Collard

    What a lovely piece! The colors and shapes create a fantastical place, the world of beauty and peace.

  5. This beautiful piece really reflects Hundertwasser’s style. I love it that you take your own surroundings as inspiration. Love your colour palette. Bravo.

  6. studiociboulette

    What a lovely piece, Hundertwasser is one of my favorite artists and you have capture is style quite nicely. Beautiful!

  7. Really love the work. So underwater. The delicate colors and hand-sewing add power to the work.

  8. Immediately recognizable as Hundertwasser’s style. So nice to use an image from your walks for this quilt. I especially like the water and the trees, great quilting.

  9. A very peaceful image of your lake. The fabrics and colours are lovely and I like the trees in particular.

  10. You have captured Hundertwasser uniqueness, vibrant colors and shapes and made it your own. Lovely continuation and composition, and no straight lines! Well done!

  11. You have definitely captured Hundertwasser’s style with your choice of color, shape and line. It will be interesting to see how your series progresses.

  12. I love all of it: the colors, composition and of course your hand stitching! Beautiful, Joan.

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