Lin Hsin Chen – Roads – Life at the Intersection

Millions of butterflies migrate to northern summer habitats each winter for breeding or wintering; it’s the famous “Butterfly Path” in Taiwan. Unfortunately, their migration route and one of Taiwan’s main freeways become a “death cross”, blocking their flying route, thousands of butterflies died on the freeway. Selfish human beings destroy natural environment and sacrifice ecology for major construction projects, which resulted in many butterflies are extinct or endangered. Taiwan has one of the highest butterfly species concentrations in the world with over 400 known species, but only about 370 species remaining now. The reputation of “Kingdom of Butterflies” has gradually declined.

Freeways escort people home safely, but they can’t guard butterflies’ migration route. The tragedy educates people to be in awe of nature. The rescue works have started with the help of research teams and volunteers, in hopes of ensuring the life intersection of people and butterfly ecology. Wish everything runs smoothly.

I pray for butterflies with needlework. It is what artists can contribute their mite to natural environment. In Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2016, we will have a group of international artists to speak for friendly natural and ecological environment, showing another creative depth. It should be exciting!

Materials: commercial cottons, woolen yarn, metallic thread
Techniques: 100% hand-stitched, appliqué, pieced, 3-layer quilted

Lin_Life at the Intersection_FULL

Close up View:

Lin_Life at the Intersection_DETAIL

  1. A painful reality, beautifully rendered. Thank you for calling attention to this…

  2. This is a beautiful but poignant interpretation of what roads do the environment, and it reminds us that we have a duty to protect our wildlife. Well done the rhythm is just beautiful to look at. Cheers

    • Thank you, Kaylene. I hope this work would remind people to protect wildlife and pay attention to environmental issues – this is probably what an artist can do to help the situation.

  3. Great interpretation of the theme!

  4. It is a beautiful interpretation of the theme.

  5. Lin this piece is absolutely magical. It also makes me think about the environmental problems created by so called “progress”.

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