Susan Hill – Monoprint – Waiting for Spring

The title of this piece is “Waiting for Spring.” I have tried to capture the bleakness of late winter, with the promise of new growth just beginning to show itself. Monoprint lends itself to this theme, as its simple shapes offer the opportunity to try new things. I’ve drawn bits from my library of experiments – for example, the floss feather stitch on the left of the piece, the foiled black leaves beneath that, the moss green on the right, the gauzy woven patches, the silver. The process opens mental doors, and I intend to go through them again.

Waiting for Spring SH



  1. An usual interpretation, it certainly interprets ‘bleak’!


    Silence s the first word that comes to me, seeing this piece. Simple and effective, lovely work in stitching.

  3. Definitely evocative of the quietness of winter, and the stitching is lovely

  4. Nice combination of different ways of mono printing and embroidery/quilting

  5. I love the use of the delicate hand embroidery. The feather stitch and ghost trees really evoke winter.

  6. Very unusual. I like the tree shapes and the feather stitches.

  7. I like the simpel treeshapes.

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