Susan Slesinger – Flight


Inspiration:  People have had to flee from their homes due to famine, war, danger or economic necessity since the dawn of time

There is an immigration checkpoint about  twenty  miles north of the US-Mexico border on the major north-south motorway I5.  Passing through this checkpoint usually entails a wait in heavy traffic and a cursory visual inspections.  Shortly before the checkpoint, which is in a rural area, there is a cautionary yellow road sign showing a family fleeing with the word “caution”.  This road sign inspired this piece about the universality of people endangering their lives to flee due to political, economic, safety or other reasons.  Stories about flight abound in many cultures.  The background fabric was created by Equilter for last year’s Love your Mother challenge.

Techniques: Fusible machine applique, free motion machine quilting.

Materials: Digitally printed fabric, hand dyed Cherrywood seeded cotton, commercially printed cotton, cotton batting, cotton and polyester threads.

Detail view:

  1. What a moving piece, Susan! Love the colors too.

  2. Maryte Collard

    Unexpected approach but so true and very moving. Good choice of fabrics.

  3. Wow Susan! What a great piece and what a great site this is! So many beautiful pieces. I hope you really enjoyed your time in Colorado. Hope our paths cross again.

  4. A loaded subject, actual and sad, but still going on all over the world.Love your idea to use our mother earth as a background, this tells that the problem is universal.Well done.

  5. Very strong piece Susan. Very good use of colours and interesting interpretation of the theme.

  6. A strong and powerful piece, enhanced by your use of bold and clear colors.

  7. So sad this is an actual issue all over the world. Very clever to use Mother Earth fabric for this piece.

  8. Very strong interpretation of the subject and well worked. I love your colours and the use of red really focuses the attention of the plight of the fleeing family. Well done

  9. An interesting and very poignant subject. Lovely work.

  10. studiociboulette

    Very moving piece. I love your take on the subject and the quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Very moving. You’ve taken this in a totally unexpected direction. Well done!

  12. A strong, moving interpretation Susan. You’ve captured the sense of urgency to flee, so sad.
    Well done.

  13. I like and I am moved by the interpretation of the theme; emotional and very current all over the world. Good choice of fabrics and colors. It also gives a three-dimensional effect. Well done!

  14. A very moving piece Susan. The strong colours reinforce the message.

  15. A very strong, poignant design. Very thought-provoking.

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