Chantal Guillermet – Series #4 : Sunflower : botanical study

Inspiration : Sunflower is the tallest flower in the garden and in the language of flowers its symbolism is “pride”, probably because of its size. In the Aztec civilisation its meaning was “glory” and French King Louis XIV used it as its symbol in association with his own power, importance and golden light.

Material : Vintage hand-dyed linen, cotton and lace – Silk thread, acrylic paint, wooden block, Inktense pencils, gel medium, commercial stencils.

Technique : I have used stenciling on the different fabrics selected for the background. I wanted the effect to be subtle, like shadows of flowers on the background : I have used a commercial stencil with light green and yellow acrylic paint to allow the sunflower to stand out on the background.

The image comes from an old botany book, I printed it, simplified the design to make the thread sketching easier.

I have also quilted some of the stenciled flowers with tone-on-tone silk thread. The row of small sunflowers on the left are block printed with a wooden block bought in India. They are free-motion quilted and painted with acrylic paint. I have used inktense pencils to colour the sunflower itself. On the right the name of the flower is written in English, French and Latin.

The quilt is faced.

Close up View



Quilts in Series – Wallflowers



  1. Chantal a delightful quilt and you have portrayed the sunflower in all of its glory, Love the colours and how you have used the borders to carry on the central theme. Bravo

  2. Another lovely addition to your series, you have captured the majesty of the sunflower with great attention to detail, as ever. Lovely.

  3. Chantal I ove your way of using almost the same pattern for your background and the subtle change in colours. Your glorious sunflower really stands out. Beautiful.

  4. This is a great addition to your series. I love the sunflower family and your interpretation is beautiful.

  5. As always a very beautiful piece. Lovely how you did the background and the sunflowers. Great use of different techniques! Bravo!

  6. This is a beautiful gentle representation of your sunflower subject, and it is a lovely addition to your series. I like the way that even though it is a different flower, the techniques you have use make it fit into the series perfectly

  7. Chantal another beautifully designed quilt, with borders linking to the overall design of your previous quilts. I love the subtle design of the background fabric and the sunflower. The wooden sunflower block was a wonderful find.

  8. Love the suble brighter colors and your use of stencils and block prints. They add a delicate depth to this piece allowing the sunflower stand in its glory. Well done.

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