Els Mommers – Series #2 – Abstract

ABSTRACT:  Series # 2 :LOCK

My quilts are almost always realistic so “Abstract” was really a challenge for me. How to change my black and white lock into an abstract piece?

I made all kind of designs in Photoshop, but I wasn’t satisfied.  Then I found a sample that I had made a while ago with a technique described in the Quilting Arts 82 magazine by Susan Purney Mark. I wanted to use this technique for the lock.

I started with all kinds of scraps in yellow, gold and purple and without overlapping, I ironed them next to each other on Vliesofix/Wonder-Under.
From the piece I created using the Wonder-Under, I cut all types of shapes that I then partially overlapped on a yellow dyed fabric. I again ironed them, creating a new patchwork.

I simplified the shape of the lock and cut it into separate pieces. I raw-edge appliquéd these shapes with monofilament yarn on a purple batik background. I made the keys in the same way and cut them apart too. I also added several keyholes. The complementary colours make the piece stand out from a distance.

I stitched the background in squares to emphasize the square shape of the lock. The squares are filled in with alternating meandering quilting, like a chessboard.

The quilt is finished with a facing.

The whole process can be seen on: kunamola.blogspot.com

Abstract, Quilting Arts magazine, Susan Purney Mark, lock, scraps, overlapping fabric, vliesofix, wonder-under, partially overlapping, fusing, simplified shape, raw edge appliqué, monofilament yarn, purple batik fabric, square shape, complementary colours, meander quilting, kunamola.


DSCN3921 2


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  1. A great design that compliments and the black and white, beautiful vibrant colours.

  2. carolinehiggs

    Lovely work with great attention to detail as ever. A very successful result.

  3. quilterpaola

    I like this saturated blue and combined with yellow creates a striking contrast. It reflects your previous work very well. Bravo.

  4. Chantal GUILLERMET

    Striking piece as usual ! I was very interested by Susan Purney Mark technic. Very good choice of colours.

  5. joanbrailsford

    What a lovely way to make the fabric for your locks, and the colours you have used work so well together. I also like the way you have used the chequerboard pattern for your quilting, which gives the piece real depth.

  6. I love the way you created the fabric for your locks. By cutting the locks in pieces you added something extra to your quilt. Good idea to quilt the checkerboard pattern.

  7. English quilter

    The complementary colours and the vibrancy of the blue make this piece stand out. The quilting design complements the piece. The yellow lock fragments really stand out. You did a fantastic job of taking a literal subject and abstracting it. I am going to have to look at your process in more depth on your blog/

  8. Very nice Els, the abstract version of a lock is not easy I think, but you managed to make a great piece of it. The new made fabric of the locks and the stitching in the background work very well together.

  9. studiociboulette

    I absolutely love it!

  10. You’ve created a stunning abstract with your design, strong colors, quilting and techniques.
    Well done Els!

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