Bozena Wojtaszek – Artist style #1

Feasting with Paul Klee – Breakfast

My chosen artist is Paul Klee, Swiss painter, active member of the first half of 20th century art avant-garde. I was familiar with his paintings from my early years but it was more “I know what you mean” than admiration relationship. So it might be a good opportunity to verify it through deeper studies of his paintings and filtering them through my textile visions.

I don’t want to copy or translate his artworks into fabric, that’s why I decided to carry my own food theme as seen through Klee’s glasses. “Breakfast” seems to be the good starting point for this serie.

Technique – commercial fabrics stitched and quilted by machine with small additions of hand applique.

Detail views:

  1. A great approach, I like the way that you are using Klee’s style to fit your subject, your chosen colour palette works really well, a lovely start.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Klee was on my list … but finaly I changed my mind. I like how you have started your series keeping your style and theme. Well done !

  3. Your vision of Klee work is excellent. The chosen colour palette mirrors Klee’s typical. The inclusion of your food theme is a perfect choice and gives continuity to your previous series. I’m curious to see the following works. Bravo.

  4. So funny that Klee was on my list also. I love how you found your very own style mixed with the vision of Klee. Beautiful colours.

  5. You successfully used Klee’s style to fit your subject. The colours are most beautiful. Love the expert quilting.

  6. This is very bright and cheerful – a great start to your series. I love how you have started with breakfast and kept your favourite theme while working in this style.

  7. The choice of your theme is very interesting as well as the choice of colors. well done.

  8. I love the colour palette you have used to add the feel of a Klee painting to the breakfast table. The stitching is beautifully done and really adds detail to the piece. Looking forward to the next one

  9. I love your approach to our theme of artistic style and how you managed to blend his and your styles. I wonder what the next meal is going tom be?

  10. Such fun that we have both chosen the same artist and I see that he was on the short list several of several others. He had a wide-ranging style and the path you have chosen will be fun the see develop. The color palette is spot-on.

  11. A great mix of Paul Klee and your own style. Well done. I love to see more.

  12. A wonderful combination of your style and Paul Klees. Love the warm color palette and stitching, great start to your series.

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