Paola Zanda – Photoshoot

Photoshoot on a windy day

For a long time, I wanted to try performing the pictorial technique. The theme of the self-portrait lent itself well. From a series of photos of our walk along the Camargue beaches on a windy day, I chose this shot of Paolo for my self-portrait.

All the graphic art on the computer is the work of my husband Paolo. I enjoyed composing the different parts, even very small ones and machine sewing appliqué. With the quilting, I tried to simulate the wind. This technique gives a way to reproduce images very realistically.

Techniques: Screen printing with the mask; Machine appliqué

Material: Commercial and hand-dyed fabrics with Procion MX; Cotton wadding; Variegated cotton threads; Heat n Bond Lite (Iron on adhesive)

Detail views:

  1. I can just feel the wind. I have always thought of trying a face but not been brave enough, but I can see how the computer would help with the features. The background compliments your self portrait.

  2. What a great, lively portrait of you! And yes, I can feel the wind too, great job!

  3. Great job ! I like your choice of colours and the printed letters on the background; and also the movement given by your quilting. Very interesting piece !

  4. I love you work. I understand your feeling about making a self-portrait and I think it represents you well. Love your technique too.

  5. Lovely work; great use of colours and stitching giving a stunning result, great!

  6. joanbrailsford

    I can really feel the wind in your portrait, and your colours and background give your piece a very modern and contemporary look. Your technique for creating the face is great and not something I could attempt – so well done

  7. An interesting technique that has worked really well. The face is definitely you and the background contrasts well with the colours in the figure.

  8. Lovely portrait. It is really you. Very interesting background and the quilting gives the piece movement. Bravo.

  9. I like the contrast between the background and the portrait. Very effective quilting.

  10. It is you Paola, and what a beautiful way to create a portrait. Everything you did fits perfectly together, lovely!

  11. studiociboulette

    I love your work Paola, And congratulation to your husband as well. I love the quilting, the feeling of wind and the background adds so much to the portrait. Magnifique!

  12. Love your choice of colors and the way you have chosen to make the viewer feel the wind. The screen-printed background is interesting and pulls you in for a closer examination. Any significance to the lettering?

  13. It’s a windy day and you are caught in it. I see it so clearly! Great job!

  14. You created a modern, edgy feel with your background, colors and quilting. The pictorial technique was well executed and very effective with lots of movement. Well done Paola!

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