Ann Turley – Country – Emblems

Sacred Spiral

To the Peruvian people, the spiral represents balance and is a symbol of unity, wholeness and completion. It also symbolizes the cycle of life as well as the path to the Creator. It is seen throughout Peru and is used to promote ethnic pride in the past, the present and the future. The spiral simultaneously stands for ancient Andean culture and modern Peruvian culture. My spiral is contructed in collage-style using commercial cottons and tulle.

Detail views:


  1. I wouldn’t guess it but now it looks very Peruvian 🙂 Great emeblem of this interesting country!

  2. I wouldn’t have guessed it. Peru has always fascinated me for its history and its civilizations. I did not know the spiral, very interesting and to be explored. Choice of colours representing the Peruvian typicality. The dark background makes them stand out.

  3. I was totally baffled by this, I knew nothing of the Peruvian spiral but then I know very little about Peru. I look forward to learning more and seeing how you and Genevieve interpret the country from different view points. Great use of colour and I love the irregular form of the spiral.

  4. I would not have guessed it was Peru ! Your spiral is striking and I like how you worked with layers of fabric and tulle.

  5. Like others commenting before me, I had no idea what was the spiral about. Love the contrast and how you created the spiral- it looks alive!

  6. An interesting interpretation of a country’s icon. The spiral is beautifully designed, and is dramatic against the background. .

  7. Like all the others I hadn’t guessed your country. Peru is my most favorite country of South America, so I am really looking forward to the rest of your series. Your spiral really pops up from the dark background. Beautiful!

  8. Even though I spent time in Peru I did not know about the spiral. Its seems very mystical and to me this is a new and interesting aspect of that lovely country. Awesome use of colours, against its dark background the spiral makes itself felt and thereby gains importance.

  9. Like the others, I didn’t guess your country, and I didn’t knwo about the spiral, but now I look forward to your exploration of the future subjects. I love the colours you have used in the spiral which contrast so well with your background. A beautifully contrsucted piece.

  10. It’s always good to learn new things and that is what I have done here. I knew nothing about the sacred spiral and I look forward to learning more. Your spiral is dramatic, especially the use of such contrasting colours.

  11. At first I thought of the Kokopelli spiral labyrinth in Arizona, but of course I was wrong. The striking colors you chose for the spiral against the dark background gives it texture and the impression like it’s on fire. Well done Ann!

  12. studiociboulette

    I would not have guessed it was Peru. Beautiful piece though to represent this fascinating culture.

  13. I like how you used irregular shapes to create the spiral. The colors are in good contrast to the background.

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