Caro Higgs – Artist style #2

Continuing with the idea of George Seurat’s method of drawing in black on white.

Using one of my photographs of the reflection of a tree, I have tried to fulfil the ‘instantaneous view of a single moment with no movement’ that the artist wanted to interpret.

Once again I have used the same cotton sheeting, to mimic Seurat’s use of textured paper, and the black paint and thread. Having painted the background and added the stencilled tree I realised that I hadn’t been bold enough with the reflection of the clouds in the water so I have hand quilted with two different weights of grey thread in an attempt to reinforce the shape of the bolder clouds. I made an attempt to leave areas white to add light but I didn’t quite get the result I had hoped for. The tree has been free motion quilted as has the reed bed but with a very fine black thread.

Detail view:

  1. Chantal Guillermet

    Impressive ! and I am sure that the picture does not show the details in the right way !
    The mix of hand and machine work gives an interesting texture.

  2. Stunning, love your attention to detail using the different weight of thread. bravo

  3. studiociboulette

    Beautiful! what a great piece. I love your attention to detail and incredible stitching. Bravo!

  4. Maryte Collard

    Again, you did a wonderful job, Caro. With only shades of black and gray your piece looks very much alive and vibrant.

  5. Awesome work again.Beautiful composition and stitching. Very well done!

  6. Amazing quilt just like the previous one. Very masterful free motion quilting. The use of only black/white/grey makes for such a dramatic effect. Wonderful!

  7. great job. beautiful stitching and the use only of black and white gives power to work.

  8. joanbrailsford

    I like the way that you get great detail from such a limited colour palette. I think that the quilting is a triumph as it gives even more detail and seems to highlight the fact that the surface we are looking at it is water. Well done

  9. Another beautiful, graphic and amazing composition! You have more than achieved the reflective quality of the water. Your impressive stitching creates lots of dramatic detail, texture and depth. Well done!

  10. What a great continuation of your series. The monochrome scheme is dramatic and your stitching adds all the details in the plants and water.

  11. Very impressive, your thread painting is fabulous and creates a sense of realism and a chill in the air.

  12. At first sight I thought it is a drawing. This is so real! Beautiful composition. The reed part is awesome. Bravo!

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