Paola Zanda



I live in Carona a little village in the south of Switzerland. I have involved already from my childhood in the textile environment thanks to some family members. So I learned to sew, embroider, knit, crochet and use the sewing machine.

I spent my childhood creating and making clothes for my dolls and this passion led me to the choice of becoming a dressmaker. Thanks to the good school achievements I was able to gain access to high school and become a professor of plastic art.

I have never practiced the traditional patchwork. I was immediately attracted to textile art, fabric manipulation, and hand dyeing of fabrics. Techniques and materials that I learned thanks to numerous courses with renowned international artists.

My first works were related to the figurative, then thanks to a one-year Master Class with Linda Colsh I switched to abstract and minimalism with the study of tree barks matched with color theory.


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