Greetje Hein – Artist style #3


My “What if” for this challenge is:

What if…. I use just black and white fabrics with colored lines?

I used partly black fabrics with white motivs and the other way around.

The colored lines are done with yellow, red and blue satin ribbon.

Each part is quilted with different shapes; free-motion and with rulers.

  1. Love it how you play with Mondrian idea making it your very own, perfect!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    You have used such a nice collection of black and white fabrics ! another nice piece for your Mondrian series

  3. carolinehiggs

    Great idea to work black and white with coloured lines while creating texture with the quilting patterns which are not to dominant. Lovely work!

  4. A beautiful game of fabric and color . the separation between them is good that you used different colors

  5. studiociboulette

    This is a fantastic idea, I love the switch of colors and black and white. Awesome!

  6. Maryte Collard

    I have been waiting to see what you make this time. I love the cleanliness of your work, the impact of colored lines- how they change dynamic of black and white background, and the quilting, of course. Your quilting designs work well with the fabrics- well done!

  7. I admire your patience to sew the ribbons down. Love the vibrancy the coloured lines give the black and white blocks.

  8. So much fun to have changed the colours of the otherwise black lines and the otherwise colored pieces to black and white! Awesome stitching. Well done.

  9. All of your “what ifs” have led to a fabulous and visually interesting quilt!

  10. A great way of developing your Mondrian series. Lots of pattern variation but still true to the artist’s original theme.

  11. I really love how you just turned Mondriaan’s ideas around by changing his black lines into coloured ones and his colored shapes into black and white. As always perfect stitching and a beautiful complement to the rest of your series.

  12. joanbrailsford

    This is so effective and the splashes of colour seem to make the piece come alive. In my opinion Mondrian should definitley have tried your take on this design. Wonderful work

  13. What a creative “what if” challenge you have given yourself. Your choice of fabrics and quilting add texture and movement like brush strokes on a canvas. The colored ribbons are a wonderful pop of color and all is beautifully stitched. Bravo!

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