Susan Hill – Happy – Abundant Summer

The name of this quilt is “Abundant Summer.” Summer is a time of exuberant plant growth. Roadside grasses and bushes wrestle for light and breathing room. The earliest draft of this piece was all greens and yellows and blues, with just a splash of bright pink in the large flowers. I’ve added a bit from the warm side of the spectrum. For me, these are happy colors in a happy setting.


  1. interesting construction inyour piece.

  2. Susan I love your use of fabrics they are so vibrant and evoke the happiness of Summer.

  3. Interesting use of fabrics.

  4. I too love the fabrics you have chosen. The piece really reflects lush vegetation and your introduction of warm colours bring it to life.

  5. The fabrics make the piece. It is a cheerful, vibrant piece.

  6. These lovely fabrics make me happy too.

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