Els Mommers- The Visitor

My initial plan was to just combine two different textures made out of fabric. I love the effect of shadow in folded and stitched pleats in white satin, so that was the first choice, followed by a glossy gold brown synthetic fabric , which I sewed with stippling on Magic Texture and shrunk with a hot iron. This resulted in a very nice texture.

I sewed the brown texture to the sides, but it was too empty and too much of a contrast.  Next step was a “bottom” from painted and burned polyester-vlies. I then added vases and “flowers” made of painted and shrunk tyvek (another texture) and a puff pasted window on black lutrador. The windowpanes I removed by burning.

Then “the visitor” appeared (a shape I use more often in my work). To diminish the harsh contrast I applied a gold organza over the whole piece and hand quilted it. To add even more texture I sewed tyvek flowers and flowers made out of small beads on top of the organza in the vase on the right.


Close up:

Els 3

  1. Els, love the colours and your interpretation, but please tell us what the visitor is. The vase, leaves etc are so perfect in this composition. Well done.

  2. I really like the vase and the leaves with the tiny beads. The Visitor has me intrigued. I love a good mystery!

  3. Els, great job on this one. The textures and the beading are wonderful. I am curious about the visitor as well.

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