Helen Hazon – Nature – Plants and Flowers

Nature is an incredibly broad topic. I had many, many ideas for this theme and spent a long time thinking about these and how each might be converted into a stitched piece. Eventually I chose one of my favourite aspects of Nature – plants and flowers. Not only are they beautiful to look at, their biology is fascinating too.

I have used two techniques that currently interest me a lot – working from my own photographs and adding details with hand embroidery. All the dimensions of the leaf and flower pictures are numbers from the Fibonacci series that occurs so frequently in Nature. Fibonacci’s patterns can be seen in some of the photos – the two roses, the begonia leaf, the pineapple crown and the small succulent.

I decided to keep the design and construction fairly simple because I wanted to showcase the plants themselves.

The photos were printed onto batik quality cotton, piecing and quilting threads are cotton,  hand embroidery is silk.



Close up View:



  1. marginmirror

    Your incorporation of the Fibonacci series fascinates me about this piece. I would never have thought of it…and it lends an interesting twist to the composition.

  2. joanbrailsford

    I love the movement and interest in this piece. It’s something I keep coming back to and finding new aspects

  3. Love the use of the Fibonacci series, it has always fascinated me (not tried it) and your techniques have created a wonderful quilt. Cheers

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