Caroline Higgs – Memories: Those were the days

I have a really good long term memory but I had a real problem with this subject. I found a quote by Guillame Appollinaire and based my work around it. “Memories are hunting horns whose sound dies on the wind.” I then found that yellow is the colour which relates to memory and I was ready to start. The words ‘Gone away’ applies to the sound blown on the horn when the fox runs away and the fact that all, except my sister and I (we are wearing colourful clothes), in the family photo circa 1959 have gone away. The little bubble car and the red kite are also no longer with us but were a part of my life  at that age. The teasels which are stencilled were my favourite plants of the time and still evoke memories of where we used to live. The hunting horns are present; and the sample of lace in the top corner, from which the is wind blowing, comes from my grand-mother’s sewing box and probably from one of her old camisoles. I chose to use an old hand towel from the other grand-mother’s family with the logo still intact as the ‘top’. The photo was a first attempt at a transfer using glue and a thermafax screen and was really pleased with the result!

Caro 1


Close up:

Caro 2

  1. Caroline, what a sensitive, personal piece you have created. Lovely! Thank you.

  2. Caro, that is a thought provoking quote and I love your interpretation, well done

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