Eke Krug – Photoshoot

Together in blue

Photoshoot, what is it and how can I translate it into an art quilt? When I am working on a project, I take a lot of pictures, normally. So I decided to make a photoshoot quilt of my quilt from the last theme. I started and couldn’t find the right way. Searching for a background for my pictures, I found the samples from a workshop I followed this summer. And then I started all over again.

Cyanotype on fabric was the workshop I did. We mixed two chemicals (harmless ones) and painted that on fabric in a dark room, like when you work with photos in the old fashioned way. Let the fabric dry, then take it to your working spot shutterd for the light, and quickly put your materials on the fabric. A piece of clear glass to cover it, cardboard underneath, and lay it in the sun.

Exciting to see the colour of the fabric turn from green to grey. The spots where the sunlight cannot reach stay white, and a picture is born. When the colour is good, quickly rinse the fabric in water and the blue comes up, it is like magic! I think this is a kind of photoshoot too. I used herbs and leaves, pictures of my ecoprints on sheets, a drawing and a photo from my daughter and me, a cut-out from a bigger one, which we transferred as a negative picture on a sheet. My quilt is a collage from these samples, a bit strange, but I like the result. I never before stitched faces, a really fine experiment, which I enjoyed a lot. It is not perfect, but then, what is?

Materials:  cyanotype prints on cotton, silk and a paper tablecloth – several kinds of sewing threads – Hobbs 80/20 in between – cotton on the backside

Techniques:  cyanotype printing – thread sketching – free motion quilting


Detail views:


  1. Eke, I just love the cyanotype printing, I have done this on paper. Would like to know the chemicals you used. The overall effect of the printing and quilting has created a quilt to remember.

  2. Great idea and fantastic job done with quilting!

  3. This is a great idea and I like the result ! I could recognize you immediately !
    I have bought the products for cyanotype but up to now did not find time to experiment … I have to try.

  4. Wow, amazing how differently everyone approaches the theme. I am stunned with yours, love it very much.

  5. I love this, well done! It is good to see a different technique used so well, the stitching is, as always, very neat and tidy giving a stunning result.

  6. joanbrailsford

    Your printing technique sounds almost like magic! It has worked really well and gives a beautiful and subtle background for your portraits. Wonderful stitching to give life to the faces. Well done

  7. Marjo Stoeckart

    Great. Can see you in it.

  8. Liesbeth wessels

    Leuke techniek

  9. Cyanotype is a technique I must try. The result here is a very individual interpretation of the theme that has lots of details to look at.

  10. I have a box with all the ingredients for cyanotype printing. Seeing your wonderful result I should try it one of these days. Lovely collage and beautiful stitching.

  11. studiociboulette

    I loved reading about the whole process of the quilt, and yes it sounds like revealing a picture indeed. It looks beautiful and your quilting is superb.

  12. Strange is good, strange keeps the viewer interested. I too enjoyed learning of your process and think that you have done a great job explaining everything.

  13. Very cool technique. Good quilting job. The portraits are very lifelike. Nice job.

  14. Wonderful job! Thanks for the clear explanations that invite me to try this technique. Exceptional quilting! Good job I love it!

  15. Your thread painted portraits are great! Well done. Like Chantal and Els I bought the products for cyanotype printing but never used it.

  16. Loved how you combined the techniques to create this quilt. Your faces and quilting are amazing. What an interesting technique, I’m going to have to look into this. Well done Eke!

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