Caro Higgs -Series #1

My starting point for my series is my ‘Circle’ quilt. I had ideas for extending and changing the design as I worked the first piece. I want to keep the motifs the same but change the sizes, colours and ways they are worked, the ideas are developing as I work and I want to play around and see where they lead me. I like the combination of the stone motif and the circles and I want to try differing  placements, scale and prioritise the different forms in different ways. I suspect that the design may well become more abstract as it develops although I want to keep the same idea in evidence.


  1. I liked this piece the first time ’round, Caro, and look forward to seeing what you’ll do with it in series!

  2. very interesting shape to work with ! I look forward to seeing the whole series …

  3. Circle has a very positive meaning in Chinese. I believe it will bring you lots of inspiration!

  4. Love this piece and am anxious to see how you serie will evolve.

  5. This is a starting point which is rich in possibilities, as you have explained. I am looking forward to seeing how your series works out

  6. I love the delicacy of the piece with its relatively low contrast. The design keeps saying India to me.

  7. A nice explanation on how you will work in the series, with lots of possibilities too. I still love this piece and how you worked it out with the subtle stitches and colours. Looking forward to see more of your journey.

  8. An interesting choice of theme and great that you already have ideas for progression. I look forward to seeing the series evolve.

  9. A lot of possibilities for your serie. Looking forward seeing your next one.

  10. Lovely, delicate piece and interesting shape. I looked forward to seeing how your design develops.

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