Paola Zanda – P

P for Princess

For challenge P, I’ve chosen Princess. In our Church one fresco represent St. George saving the Princess Silene from the dragon. So, for this time, I’ve taken the visage of the Princess. Paolo, as usual, has taken the picture and printed it on fabric. For the background, I dyed and printed the fabric with Procion MX. The printed design wants to represent the real symbols. All the visage of the Princess is completely embroidered free motion with the machine and then applied. I embellished the crown and the dress with beads and sequins. The letters P is inserted in a floral decoration to give continuity to my series. The quilting is simply vertical to give the appearance of wallpaper.

Detail view:


  1. carolinehiggs

    Beautiful work Paola, your princess is so elegant. The colours are subtle and work so well together, she has a sense of serenity about her.

  2. A lot of work on this piece ! the Princess is beautifully done but I really like the wall paper behind her and the floral embroidery on the border. Bravo !

  3. Perfectly done Princess!

  4. Princesse Paola, c est très beau. Ce portrait m emeut. Que Silène veille sur vous deux. Hâte de vous voir tous les trois en vrai.

  5. joanbrailsford

    Beautiful stitching to depict the princess. I love the patterns in the background too. Well done

  6. Very effective free motion stitching on the princess and I love the embellishment on her dress.
    The beautiful background really enhances the whole piece. Bravo.

  7. A wonderful addition to your series the hand stitching is superb.

  8. Your Princess looks very kind and peaceful. I love the wallpaper effect and the delicate stitching in the borders.

  9. Maryte Collard

    I love your series of saints that you found inspiration for so close to home. Your princess is beautifully done and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  10. I love the wall paper in contrast with the princess. The embroidered florals on the sides are so delicate.

  11. English quilter

    The princess’ face is beautiful and expressive against the striped, strong background. This piece stood out as soon as I looked at the reveal. It is wonderful to find inspiration like this close to home.

  12. Beautiful Paolo. The old fashioned look and serenity of the princess, which is so well embroidered, with the great, strong background, together makes an impressive quilt. Your hand stitching is beautiful, my compliments.

  13. Beautiful work in this piece, I particularly love the calmness you have acheived in the face.The wallpaper works quite well to anchor the composition.

  14. Your princess looks like a tapestry! Beautifully and meticulously quilted. Well done!

  15. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt Paola. The stitching and colors reflect the time period. Lovely!

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