Els Mommers – Country – Architecture


For this challenge it was not hard to choose what to do. The only architecture on the San Blas islands are huts, made from bamboo sticks and palm leaves.

For the roofs of the huts I used dried palm leaves, that I treated with gel medium to protect them for insects.

The bamboo structure is made from raffia. All is machine stitched with monofilament thread. Background is hand painted and the Indian woman in the front is part of a copy of a painting that I made from one of my first pictures that I made from this Indians.  Like in my landscape piece I used pumice gel for the sandy bottom that I covered with gel medium. 

To the side I incorporated again an original mola piece. This time it is part of a panel with an abstract mola design that has been worn by an Indian woman. The sky is machine quilted, but the machine refused the sandy bottom, so I quilted it by hand.

Pictures of the whole process can be seen on my blog: http://kunamola.blogspot.com


Close up views:

Original painting:


  1. As usual, another stunning piece Els. The use of materials such as palm leaves and raffia is fascinating. The icing on the cake is the Mola insert. Well done.

  2. Wonderful Els, such attention to detail and I love the way that you used natural materials to ‘build’ your hut. The inclusion of the mola draws all your pieces together beautifully.

  3. Maryte Collard

    That’s incredible how you built your huts and the Indian woman makes your piece alive. Bravo, as always!

  4. So good to learn about all the different ways of life in other parts of this world. Beautifully done too!

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful Els, I love the way you integrate pieces of molas in your quilt. Bravo

  6. Els As always you are amazing in your creativity.it gives a desire to get to the place and see the local landscape with my eyes. Very interesting the way you did things.

  7. It is just incredible how creative you can be Els ! I love the use of new materials such as raffia and palm tree leaves ! your sense of details adds a lot to your piece.

  8. joanbrailsford

    The mix of materials you have used for this piece is inspired, and creates a wonderful texture and depth. The colours are so vibrant and give the feeling of warmth to the piece. Beautiful

  9. Another amazing range of materials and techniques making up a beautiful image. It all looks so peaceful. Lovely.

  10. What a stunning piece! The colours so vibrant and the materials used so special and effective. That piece of mola is also stunning! Lov’it!

  11. This is a amazing piece, so full of color and texture. I especially appreciate that you incorporate a mola in all of your work.

  12. The techniques and materials you used in your composition work beautifully together giving your design depth, texture and the feel of the sun and sand. Well done Els!

  13. I love how you used real palm leaves for the palm leave roof. As usual a lot of details in your piece and the mola part make it complete.

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