Gaye Alger – Nature – Nature is sooo Boring

Nature is sooo boring ! ”

The inspiration for this project has come from a variety of sources (solar flares, cresting waves, a tunnel of trees, icebergs, rock formations). They all appeared to have one thing in common, namely a similarity of shape. I made drawings and when I commented to my 18 year old son about this commonality his comment was as above. As he also said he felt nature had to include life I have incorporated the dolphins and tree into the design.
I had intended to make an abstract design from shapes and made stamps and stencils for printing but it wouldn’t come together so in the end I opted for a more realistic approach. Its construction is based on Gloria Loughman’s linear landscape technique. I have used hand dyed cottons in a complementary colour scheme based around blues and greens. Straight and free motion machine stitching has been used to construct/quilt the piece. A few glass beads to represent water droplets embellish the wave and some fabric paint enhances the dolphins. It is bound with satin ribbon. I am especially pleased with the way the tree worked out. The fabric was a find from the bottom of my scrap box!

Natures sooo boring_edited-1


Close up View:

Natures sooo boring close up 2


Natures sooo boring close up 1

  1. marginmirror

    Gaye, I love the motion you’ve captured in this piece with your quilting — and the dolphins and tree are just the right touch of life. Your son, though, needs to get out (in nature) more! 😉

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Gayle, Beautiful quilt ! I also love the movment in your piece and how it is well balanced. Good choice with the blue and green fabrics

  3. English quilter

    Gaye–_The colours and movement are terrific.

  4. Dear Gaye, this quilt is a credit to your talent, the colours pop and the foreground hills lead the viewer into the nature scene, I do think the addition of the dolphin was good advice. Congratulations.

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