Sonia Ruiz – Series #3

On the 3rd quilt in my Sacred Heart series, I continued to experiment with my fabric bits, ideas and techniques that were new to me, so I decided to try my hand at creating a modern quilt.   I learned that less is more and negative space is defined as solid colors and where the quilting forms part of the design.  I have never made a modern quilt before because I really didn’t understand the process.  Now that I’ve made my first modern quilt I realized how much I enjoyed playing and creating with bold colors, high contrast, with improvisational piecing, using negative space, asymmetrical designs and letting the quilting define my theme.  I enjoyed it so much that I made a queen size modern quilt for my daughter.

Close up View:




Quilt in Series:


Quilt 1                                Quilt 2                           Quilt 3



  1. English quilter

    You have captured the essence of a modern quilt with the bold colours. The quilting is beautiful and really enhances the piece. The way you were able to get the free motion quilting coming out of the grid works very well, and helps integrate traditional and modern elements.

  2. Chantal GUILLERMET

    This quilt is very different from the two other ones ! your free motion quilting is very well organised, breaking the lines and giving more freedom to the “modern” style of the quilt. I like your choice of colour.

  3. Congratulations Sonia, this is a beautifully designed and worked quilt. The colours are complimentary, and the simple heart shape carries your theme forward. Bravo

  4. carolinehiggs

    A great third in the series and I like the way that you have carried your theme forward. great choice of colours and and I like the variation in quilting stitches which add some depth to the piece.

  5. I applaud your experimentation with Modern Quilting as I too have been playing with it (see my Series #2). It can be tricky to get just the right amount of negative space, and to quilt it so that the ‘Modernity’ is highlighted. The subtle introduction of your theme via the quilted heart is unusual and a welcome invitation to pause, focus and reflect. 🙂

  6. joanbrailsford

    A very successful modern quilt, that has worked beautifully with the colours you have used. I have not tried anything like this, and you have inspired me to give it a go. I love the interest you have included with the stitching patterns you have used. well done

  7. A bold change in style here has produced a striking quilt. The bright colours are very modern against the greys and the quilting is beautiful.

  8. This is such an amazing third piece of your series. I can just echo all the above. Colors and quilting are beautiful.

  9. This one is great! I love it! Beautiful modern quilt.

  10. A great modern quilt. I haven’t ried a modern quilt either. Just love the quilting.

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