Ann Turley – Decay

Under The Oak Tree The Fungi Grows

Our rainy season this year has bought about a large number of mushrooms, some varieties I’ve not seen for years. At the base of this particular tree, a small patch of growth began. Slowly but surely, a new patch of mushrooms would appear every few days, until every nook and cranny was abloom with mushrooms. These were particularly interesting in that they were very slow to grow and even slower to decay into nothingness. I was fascinated by their daily change in color and shape. To give them a touch of realism I made the mushrooms separately from the tree and attached them after I finished the quilt. By doing this I could fold and crease each shape until I was satisfied. As usual, I appreciate your comments and critques.

Close up views:

  1. Very interesting subject and fabulous colors!

  2. carolinehiggs

    I love your autumnal colours and the way you have added the fungi. Great!

  3. The subject is well matched to the theme of the challenge. I really like the realization and the choice of colors.

  4. I like your choice of subject; the fact that you added the mushroom at the end gives dimension to the piece. Very effective.

  5. Maryte Collard

    Very interesting subject and and I love the three-dimensional details on your piece.

  6. studiociboulette

    Very nice. I love your choice and combination of fabric.

  7. Interesting way of looking at decay and a nice translation in fabric. Great use of colors!

  8. I love your composition and the autumn colors. The contrast with the purple is very effective.
    Beautiful work. Bravo!

  9. Interesting work and great colours.

  10. Interesting way of looking at decay. Great use of colors! Cool touch of realism.

  11. I love the 3D details in your work. Nice to see you only used commercial fabrics.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Your colours add a lovely interest and depth to the work, and the effect you have achieved with the mushrooms is great .

  13. Your choice of color and fabric manipulation techniques create a 3 dimensional look where the mushrooms seem to come off the page. Well done.

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