Greetje Hein-Recycle- Trashcan

To me when you recycle you re-use things as much as possible. What you throw away you separate. Paper, glass, etc. in a different bin. Your trashcan will be almost empty. All to protect the environment.

On my quilt you see three different bins.  Because we separate our waste we need less bins. Just one instead of three in the past. So the bins fade away.

My background is made of pieces of many types of fabrics in different shapes. Somebody wanted to throw this away and gave me a box filled with small samples of fabrics. The small bright pieces on the lower part of my quilt are cut of pieced blocks to make them square. On the edges I used the rainbow organza where I cut out my “Happy-flowers” . I covered it with black tulle to keep the very small pieces in place. The bins are made with leftovers from Christmas fabrics and ribbons. For the binding I used leftovers from former quilts.

recycle (1)

Close up View:

recycle detail





  1. Greetje, what a great interpretation of the theme, your use of materials is very cleaver the use of your scraps from a previous quits add just a touch of colour which offsets the darkness of the remaining background. Cheers

  2. I love your interpretation, great use of materials!

  3. Very original interpretation. Love it.

  4. The idea of the fade away bins is wonderful! I love your use of color – black and silver. Very beautiful.

  5. Interesting interpretation of the theme and a very good contrast between black and silver !
    Well done.

  6. A very original interpretation of the theme. The gradual fading of the rubbish bins is very interesting, even though we have three different bins in my jurisdiction–one for recyclables, one for non-recyclables and one for garden “green” waste. The high contrast between the silver and the darks makes this piece very effective.

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