Joan Brailsford – Photoshoot


Inspiration: Because of my love of trees, I take photos wherever I encounter them. I have used a selection of these that contain formations that delight me.

I love trees in all their shapes, formations, lines, colours and textures. I find them to be a never-ending source of inspiration and for that reason I have many photos that I have taken over the years. I selected a few of those and isolated parts of the tree rather than replicate the whole structure – some show only branches, some show leaves and fruits, and some show the trunk. I printed my manipulated photos onto Extravorganza, then bonded these to a hand-dyed background which replicates sky colours.

I used the main shapes in the pictures to link the pictures together by following and extending the lines of the tree forms, using hand stitched small running stitches. I have added small seed stitches to hint at leaves and fruits. The hand stitching acts as quilting for the whole piece.

Detail views:



  1. Amazing Joan, and I can understand your love of trees and how you have translated this to fabric is very creative.

  2. Great set of trees’ photoshoots! It makes beautiful trees collection.

  3. The more I look at your piece Joan, the more I see details and intricate shapes ! I like your subtle palette.

  4. Very interesting just to go from one tree to another to see how they interconnect. Love the texture of hand stitching and the feeling of the air behind your trees.

  5. A stunning and elaborate collage enhanced by the gentle colours and wonderful stitching. Trees are such fun subjects to work with!

  6. This is lovely – so gentle in colour and texture yet representing strong, fascinating trees. Your stitching adds just the right amount of depth and detail.

  7. Just beautiful and recognisable as your work. Never heard from Extravorganza, looked it up on the web, interesting material with great effects in the way you used it. Beautiful stitching as well!

  8. What a beautiful way to interpret the theme and add to your tree series in the meantime. Your
    hand stitching is exquisite as always. I love the subtle colours and how all the different tree shapes comes together. Awesome work.

  9. studiociboulette

    your quilt is stunning. The whole process, your choice of colors, the way you manipulated the subject and of course the quilting. Absolutely beautiful.

  10. Stunning! Trees are a great subject for a series as each one is so diffent from the next. The collage format was a good choice as it keeps one’s eye moving throughout.

  11. There is a lot going on in this seemingly static scene. Very well done. Nice color pallet.

  12. I am also passionate about trees and they are my main source of inspiration. Excellent idea to combine photos by creating additional trees. The delicacy of the colours and the fineness of your stitching give a stunning result. The composition is well studied and gives movement. Excellent work.

  13. I love how you stitched the branches to connect one photo to another one. Such delicate colors because you printed on extravorganza. Beautiful!!!

  14. A very fine, airy and delicate piece where your beautiful hand stitching brings it all together. Lovely Joan!

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