Caro Higgs – Horizon

I must go down to the seas again

Horizons can be physical or personal and I thought long and hard about the subject since my personal horizons have changed radically over the last eighteen months but I decided to keep to the subject, of my previous two quilts, the sea and the coastline near home. This view has the Ile de Rè on the horizon but it could equally be the Vendée region because I live in a bay and it depends upon which direction you look. The light plays tricks and sometimes the opposite coastlines seem closer than at other times. Here the outline of houses of the Ile de Ré become visible but not clear but one imagines what one knows to be there. On the other hand if one stands in the centre of town near the old port of La Rochelle, a fifteen minute drive from here, there is a weather vane on the clock tower which becomes the near horizon, complete with a ship sailing with the wind.

I have turned to poetry and pulled the piece together with a verse from John Masefield’s poem Sea Fever, the first line talks of the lonely seas and the sky which after all form the horizon so I wanted to use it as the basis for the work, grey skies, a tall ship and the white sails shaking in the wind.

The background is hand painted and simply, machine, quilted. Using the weather vane gave me the details I wanted and it is appliquéd with two commercial fabrics for the ship and the supporting metalwork and damask for the sails to add more depth to them. It is bound with the same cotton calico as the background and it is completely machine stitched. The wording is printed on to organza, again machine appliquéd, and forms the clouds in the sky.


Detail showing the print and the horizon

  1. Really poetical take on the horizon, love it!

  2. I love the contrast with the two horizons. Beautiful the finesse and almost transparency of the coast.Bravo!

  3. Very quiet piece. I love how you have painted the background fabric. Beautiful.

  4. I like the gentleness of this and the way the elements from your home area are linked by the words of the cloud poem.

  5. Lovelyinterpretation of our theme. The painted background is wonderful.

  6. I love how you created the coastline. The poem in the sky gives your quilt the final touch.

  7. I LOVE this piece. The dreamy appearance of the sea and coast, the subtile text in the clouds, the kind of rusty wind vane and the white sails that pops up. It is beautiful. Bravo.

  8. You have designed a piece that has a mysterious and melancholic feel to it. I like how you printed the poem as organza clouds, continuing the ephemeral feel. Nicely done Caro!

  9. studiociboulette

    I love the feel of your quilt. I am being transported back in time. Your colors make the atmosphere. Beautiful quilt!

  10. Beautiful and well thought out as always.The place you live now has totally other horizons than you had in the mountains. love the poem in the background and the way the sea and sky meet eachbother.

  11. joanbrailsford

    I love the quiet feel of your piece, and the way that you have used the weather vane as the focal point of the piece. The background and poem are beautifully worked and the far horizon completes the picture. Well done

  12. Very novel and interesting interpretation. I like the effects and how you are building this series of works. Well done!

  13. Maryte Collard

    Very romantic and calling to explore what’s beyond the horizon. Love everything about your piece.

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