Susan Hill – Botanics

For the “botanicals” challenge I’ve tried to capture the essence of early summer – the lush green of

the background and the intense color of the flowers that punctuate it. The green is a tangle of

many species: trees, vines, grasses of various sorts. Flowers provide the contrasting color. Richly

colored butterflies are part of the scene – not botanicals, but needed to propagate them.


  1. I think “lush” is exactly the right adjective to describe your piece, Susan!

  2. I love all the different colors green Susan and the contrasting orange for the flowers. Very nice butterflies.

  3. Like Els I like the composition of your background with a choice of green fabrics.

  4. A striking effect with your rich greens, the colourful butterflies and the flowers. Yes the botanicals do need propagating!

  5. A great overall picture, rich in colour, all the necessary elements for botanical life are there.

  6. Susan, thank you for sharing your thought and techniques. Well done


    Greens and orange, a lovely combination, and you did a great job with it, combining it in your fine piece with flowers and butterflies. Nicely done.

  8. This is definitely a summer quilt. The colours are bright and clear and the butterflies are lovely.

  9. Your piece definitely has a lush feel and portrays the feeling of dense vegetation. I like your idea of including butterflies, because of course they are needed for the botanical cycle.

  10. I like the different green batiks. Nice contrast to the bright flowers.

  11. I love your use of strong greens to create the background. The butterflies and flowers seem to represent the different facets of nature. The choice of co,ours is very effective.

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