Susan Slesinger – Squares

Square Root

The subject for this quilt was extremely challenging for me.  The word “square” denoted geometric designs to me.  I decided that “squares” was an opportunity to experiment with a “modern” style quilt featuring solid coloured fabrics, geometric shapes and linear quilting.  I experimented with the word “square” until I came up with the idea of depicting a square root. The square root of a number is a value that when it is multiplied by itself produces a specified number. Using the 15” square format, I had to find a number which would translate into squares which would fit the group’s size requirements.  I chose 6 ½ inches as my specified value. The matte Cherrywood hand dyed cottons seemed perfect for this project.  The squares were as true to the mathematics as possible while working with fabric which tends to move, stretch and shrink as it is stitched and quilted.

Once I developed my design, I drew it in Electric Quilt 8 to create printed foundations for piecing the design.  The angles for the radical were determined by the design.  The radical was appliqued onto the quilt after the geometric elements were quilted.  The background quilting, incorporating random lines,  squares and rectangles was then completed and the quilt was finished with a facing.

Techniques:  Foundation piecing, raw edge machine applique, machine quilting,

Materials:  Cherrywood hand dyed sueded cotton fabric, commercial batik fabric (backing), Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting,  2 ply Aurifil cotton thread, Wonderfil Invisifil© polyester thread, Wonderfil Splendor rayon thread, Wonderfil Spaghetti 12 wt. cotton thread, monofilament

Close up view:


Keywords: Modern quilt, raw edge applique, geometric quilt, machine quilting, Cherrywood, Wonderfil, Electric Quilt.

  1. Another unique interpretation — and very clever! In addition, the fabrics seem to ‘glow’ and have a real texture of their own that jumps off the screen with their rich colours. Well done!

  2. studiociboulette

    Interesting concept….lots of calculations, woawwww

  3. Such a nice interpretation of the theme. This is indeed a modern quilt.

  4. A true scientist point of view Susan ! your design is very effective and your idea great !

  5. Mathematics concept. Well found and realized.

  6. Great to see how you have married science and art.

  7. You used a special way to interpret the theme. Very interesting. Nice design and colours.

  8. English quilter

    Thank you all for your kind comments. The fabric is matte, but the unquilted parts which were allowed to “puff” (a Diane Gaudynski term) do look a different colour.

  9. Mathematics and quilting, a good combination and your result is very nice. A modern quilt it is.

  10. A very individual interpretation. Lovely bright colours.

  11. An interesting depiction of this subject, and such a lot of maths! You have worked your theme very well, and the finished piece is very modern and original. Well done.

  12. Individual interpretation! Clever! Nice job.

  13. Mathematics, art and quilting, WOW, great interpretation!

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