Lin Hsin-Chen -Nature – Blossom Time

Flowers make a deal of blossom time with each other in the natural world. They take turns to decorate the world and show their beauty. It makes me think of why human beings could not complete things on time like flowers do. During the creative process, I once get lost and I regain inspiration, so I select bright colors to remind myself and expect a new direction in the future! Thanks to the theme.

The theme of Nature seems easy to me because my inspiration often comes from natural environments. However, making this piece is harder than ever! I take it too seriously and get lost.

Materials: commercial cottons, dyed fabric, beads, Romanian thread
Techniques: 100% hand stitched, appliqué, pieced, quilted, embroidery

Lin_Blossom Time-Full


Close up View:

Lin_Blossom Time-Detail

  1. marginmirror

    Dear colleague, Hsin-Chen…you have said it yourself. You were a bit overwhelmed in this piece…but the ‘close up’ view expresses all the beauty I think you were trying to show. Your hand quilting adds an extra-special touch.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    I love your Piece Lin ! the colors, and the harmony of the piece itself are beautiful !

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