Kathyrn Hickling – Nature

I found this quite challenging, as this is a very broad subject, but, every time I thought about the word I kept coming up with green fields and a river. It is my enduring thought when I here the word. I love the great outdoors, and fresh air, the smell of new mown grass.
I painted the background with fabric paint rather than piecing dyed fabric, as this gave me the flow of river that I wanted. I then quilted the fabric, so that it added perspective and finally adding poppies and small riverside flowers with French knots.
Nature kathryn
  1. marginmirror

    The movement in this piece is wonderful…as is the gentle, peaceful combination of blue and green. This is not a raging river; it’s a wide, lazy one. Whether or not those red flowers are poppies is…in the eye of the beholder…but, being red, they are the perfect complement, just a spark in contrast with the river’s flow. Lovely!

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