Paulette Meldrum

The first design decision was to work with oblique lines.  The patterned centre block fabric all featured lines of some kind.  Each fabric was cut narrow one end and wider at the opposite end then joined by reversing the narrow ends.  The finished “fabric” was then cut in strips using the same cutting technique. The four sided centre was cut using oblique lines, and then the rows were added around the centre and recut if necessary.  Once the large green, larger yellow and the silver insets were cut to shape, each was sewn into divided black fabric.  The top was then squared up with more black fabric.   The quilted shapes were drawn on the fabric, and the coloured inserts were highlighted with additional stitching.  The other coloured inserts, were added with a fusible web and topstitched.   The background is quilted using oblique lines and shapes of the inserts.

Paulette - Lines

  1. Hi Paulette, this is eye catching candy, the design is harmonious. Well done

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