Kaylene Maalste – Artist style #1

The artist I chose is Franz Marc, the following is an exert from Search the Art World about Marc “he looked to the natural world as an antidote to modern life, from which he felt increasingly alienated. Nature and animals were more than just pleasing to him; they were spiritual and a means of relocating what had been lost in the modern era. Thus, his paintings of animals are suffused with an almost meditative reverence.

Color was extremely important for Marc. Not only did he understand the potential for color to affect mood, he developed a specific theory of color symbolism. His analysis of color associated blue with the masculine, yellow with the feminine, and red with the physical – often violent – world.”

My theme is cats and my interpretation is looking at the colors that Marc used in his paintings. My first in the series is loosely interpreted on Marc’s Cat on Yellow Pillow. I crazy quilted fabric in different blues from which I cut out a reclining cat and appliqued this to yellow fabric. The image below is Franz Marc’s painting.

  1. I love the expression on this cat’s face . Great use of fabric and colour, a really good start to your series.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    I really like the clean shape of your cat, you kept the essential lines and it gives strength to the drawing. Nice colours.

  3. A minimalist but an efficient personal vision. Good choice of colours and fabrics. Great start.

  4. I considered choosing Franz Marc as well and love all his work. Your minimalist piece is beautiful, the quilting lines just what they need to be. Great colours.

  5. I like your cat. The colours are clean and the cat looks so relaxed and peaceful. This is not an artist that I know but I will read more after seeing your cat.

  6. I would love your work just for my love of cats and your cat really radiates serenity and wisdom. I love your minimalistic approach to Franz Marc’s style. I had to google him because I wasn’t familiar with his art. I am sure you will create more beautiful pieces.

  7. It is very interesting how you did your work, with the head separated from the body. and also the colors you used. beautiful.

  8. Looking at your work the first that comes to my mind is “less is more”. Your simple design is very strong and the colours very effective. I am looking forward to the rest of your cats.

  9. A really well thought out way of depicting your subject and your artist. The way that you have made the shapes of the cat really express its posture and even facial expression, imn a pared down way. Vey nice work

  10. The simplicity of your piece is very comforting, the cat looks like it could easily come alive to sit in my lap.

  11. I like the minimalistic design of the cat. Looking forward to see more.

  12. A lovely beginning to your series. Your abstract interpretation of Marc’s, The White Cat, has a peaceful and uplifting feel to it.

  13. Minimalistic yet powerful!

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