Susan Slesinger – Series#4 Transamerica Tower

Transamerica Tower is one of tallest building in San Francisco at 260m.  It was designed by William Pereira.  The building was commissioned as the headquarters for Transamerica, a financial,services corporation.  Although the company moved its headquarters to Baltimore Maryland, the building has retained its name, and is still featured in the company’s logo. The building is an example of post modern architecture, and the slit windows are a great example of repetition.

The photographs used as the basis for this piece were taken from the 40th and 44th floors of a nearby building, giving an eye level view of the building.

Close up view


Quilts in the Series:



  1. Susan your architectural theme is developing I wonder what is your next building. I understand your use of the dark blue swirled fabric but I think it maybe a little bold and would sit better if smaller. Otherwise I enjoy your interpretation.

  2. A lovely interpretation and a great addition to your series.

  3. Another interesting building Susan, we are discovering San Francisco with you !
    I like your quilting for the sky, but like Kaylene I think the effect would have been better with a smaller print for your blue fabric.

  4. Susan, I love your idea of taking a picture from the 40th floor of another building. It gives an unusual view of the building and the city underneath. Did you print the photo directly on fabric?

  5. Another interesting archtecturial building in your series and nice to see the city in the background. Looking forward to the last piece in your series.

  6. An interesting view of an iconic building. I like this idea of seeing a tall building from somewhere other than ground level.

  7. A very nice representation of this building, and I like the way that your stitching in the sky, gives the feel of wind whipping its summit as it pierces the sky. A very striking addition to your series

  8. Susan I remember this building from my few days in San Fransico. I like the treatment of the sky as I remember the sea breezes (and the fog). What will be your next building?

  9. Another interesting building. A higher view captures the city underneath, the building, the water and sky. Nicely done.

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