Kaylene Maalste – Series #5 – Bridging the Gap

The design of this quilt is something that I have wanted to do for some time, and being able to work on techniques in this series I have been able to combine the idea of an internal cutout in a pieced background. The internal cutout is geometric in shape and has strips (tubes) of fabric that are woven across the cutout. The quilt is worked in batik material and the quilting is a simple geometric design in keeping with the pieced panels.

Close up View:




Quilts in Series – Techniques






  1. An original concept for your last piece in the series. I love the fabrics that you have used but would have liked to see the space in the middle set off by something lighter coloured behind it. Your series has truly demonstrated a wide range of different techniques, well done!

  2. It is another interesting technique and I like the 3D effect of the cut out; but I think a bright colour – orange or red – would have increased the effect.

  3. What a nice technique you saved for your final piece! So nice you worked with an unusual shape and continued this in your design. I love the batik fabrics.

  4. Your series shows lots of interesting techniques and I like the way of color use, which binds the pieces together. A very special effect in your last piece, weaving the tubes and then lock them in. A beautiful series, that gave you the opportunity to experiment, which you liked very much I presume.

  5. Thank you for your comment, I really enjoyed this series and have one more to replace the second quilt.

  6. The series is very well done. I am glad you will replace the 2nd quilt. Although beautiful it doesn’t flow with the rest. Very cool techniques!

  7. Using different techniques in a series can be challenging, but you really did a great job, Kaylene. It is an interesting and beautiful series.

  8. Another well worked piece in your series, and another intriguing technique. The batik fabrics work really well in this design and give e very harmonious feel to the piece. Well done

  9. I suspect that the colours on my computer screen are not doing justice to this piece (things tend to look darker than they are on it.) The use of woven tubes to fill space is very interesting. You have taken the opportunity to explore different techniques in the series, while letting all of the pieces reflect geometry. Your choice of batiks is lovely.

  10. I really like how the colors of your last piece and your third one are so much in harmony. it has been very interesting to see you using all the different techniques and I like in particular this last one with the woven centre. Lovely batiks.

  11. This is an interesting technique that I’ve not seen before. The effect is unusual makes a fitting final piece for your techniques series.

  12. A wonderful end to your series. The weaving technique gives your piece a dimensional and modern feel. I’ve enjoyed seeing the creative ways you incorporated all these techniques. Well done.

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