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Challenge – Rhythm

This was a demanding theme as there are so many ways to interpret the word “Rhythm”.

Rhythm is a principle of art that’s difficult to summarize in words. Assuming that you’ve picked up on a rhythm in music before, take what you heard with your ears and try to translate that to something you’d see with your eyes. Rhythm, in art, is a visual beat.

A pattern has rhythm, but not all rhythm is patterned. For example, the colors of a piece can convey rhythm, by making your eyes travel from one component to another. Lines can produce rhythm by implying movement. Forms, too, can cause rhythm by the ways in which they’re placed one next to the other.

You will find something of interest in all of the quilts, please click on the thumbnail to be redirected to the Artist’s statement about their thought process and techniques used.

Param 1     Gaye#1     rhythm & blues

Helen     Rural Rhythms MB     Chantal1

Caro1     Susan Hill     Out for a Spin Margaret H

Kaylene     Paulette     ElsMain

Lin#1    Susan S1     Rhythm in Glass