Chantal Guillermet – Monprinting – Tulip Mania



My idea to use Tulips comes from an article I read about the Dutch Golden Age during which the price for one tulip bulb reached incredibly high levels (10 x the income of a skilled craftsman). Tulips came originally from the Ottoman Empire but were introduced in Europe around 1554. The peak of Tulip Mania was in 1637.

Material :

Cotton poplin, white and hand-dyed – Black and red fabric paint – Markal paintsticks – Carand’Ache Neolor II – Fabric gel medium. Rayon thread for quilting and embroidery floss.

Technique :

My printing surface was a plate of glass (it used to be a shelf, so the edges aren’t dangerous). I’ve used the technique where you spread your paint on your surface with a brayer and you make your drawing from the back of your fabric with a sharp tool (I’ve used a metallic embossing crayon). My drawing was roughly done on the back of fabric first. I’ve used a piece of white poplin, and coloured the tulips and some areas of the background with Neocolour II. Then it was fused on the background.

I thought that quilting with green and red thread would help to blend the colours with the background, but it wasn’t enough. I had to add some some paintstick on the white areas left.

The title “Tulip Mania” is stencilled with paintstick and free motion stitched.

Close up View:


  1. English quilter

    A beautiful rendition of tulips. I really enjoy your prints and the skillful way you execute them.

  2. So lovely — and an inspiration for me to try more mono-printing! I hope you are aware of the special meaning that tulips have for Canadians We hosted the Dutch Royal family in exile during WWII and lead the liberation of the Netherlands. In reciprocation, the Netherlands supply(ied) us with tulips that will grow forever in Ottawa (our nation’s capital) each spring…(see Thank you for this precious symbol of a long-time friendship.


    What a beautiful print of tulips did you make. It is subtle and I love the colouring and the quilting stitches you combined it with.

  4. Stylish as always! A lovely piece.

  5. A lovely piece for which the mono-printing technique has worked really well. I like the way that you have used shading to blend the colours together

  6. What a charming and elegant piece of work. I love your mono printing technique combined
    with the neocolor and paintsticks.

  7. Chantal a charming monoprint of the tulips the composition is well balanced. I like the idea of drawing the design on the back of the cloth. Bravo

  8. A really sophisticated piece loved the use of paint sticks

  9. Lovely, elegant tulips. I like the gentle colours.

  10. What a lovely quilt! Beautiful colors and quilting. I am busy with the organisation of an exhibition of tulipquilts during the tulipfestival in our area. I wished I could use this one!

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