Paola Zanda – Re-arranged

Charming Korak

I recently exhibited my works in Colmar and I had the immense fortune to see Pascale Goldenberg’s Korak collection. I was very impressed: the motif of the goose flight was combined with the technique of cross-stitching and that of the patchwork.

I wanted to rebuild a corner of these masterpieces to honor the memory of a wonderful discovery. I used hand-dyed and commercial cotton fabrics, Aida canvas and perlé embroidery threads. I did the assembly by machine, the handmade quilting is invisible because the originals are not doubled.



Close up view:


  1. English quilter

    The use of the diamond motif in different ways is very effective. This is an amazing piece. I love the way that you have blended cross stitch and patchwork together. The color scheme is very effective.

  2. This is lovely, I really like the mix of the cross stitch and the different fabrics; a great idea.

  3. Love the composition and the stunning combination of cross stitch and patchwork. Awesome.

  4. A very nice composition and a perfect second piece for a “Square” series !
    I like the mix of cross stitch and patchwork.

  5. studiociboulette

    Very pretty. I love the way you integrated the cross stitch. Bravo!

  6. How unusual to incorporate cross stitch into the quilt and it produces an effective result. Good work

  7. An interesting combination of techniques has produced a striking piece.

  8. Love all the works in this challange but this one is my favorite – love the colours, composition and the combination with cross stitch!

  9. What more can I say? The interpretation of the theme is very original and you worked it out in a beautiful piece. Love the embroidery and the way you integrated it.

  10. This is a wonderfull piece! Like the others I love the combination with cross stitching. I understand why you didn’t quilt your piece, but personaly I always love your straight-line quilting. It would fit here too.

  11. Very nice take on this theme. It’s a very “together” piece given the theme was pulled apart. I really like this!

  12. A beautiful, well balanced composition. The cross stitching is wonderfully unexpected.
    Well done!

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