Helen Hazon – Horizon

Black Horizon

In the news recently was the first ‘image’ of a black hole. These phenomena of the universe are mysterious and scary.  They are so dense that their gravity is immense and not even light can escape its pull – hence they look like black holes among the stars. The edge of the hole, where nothing can escape, is called the Event Horizon.

My quilt is my interpretation of a black hole in space with light, stars etc being pulled into its centre.

I have used cotton fabric, rayon and metallic threads and glass beads.


Detail view:


  1. So the horizon is no longer a simple, vertical line, love it! And wonderful lines of light.

  2. quilterpaola

    Good Interpretation. You have been able to create a perfect movement with your different use of threads and glass beads. I feel drawn to this mysterious hole. An impressive result. Bravo.

  3. An original interpretation of the theme ! I like how your black hole is a little bit “off center”. As usual your stitching is perfect.

  4. carolinehiggs

    A lovely take on the theme and brilliantly executed, great piece.

  5. I love the sense of movement you have created. This was an interesting and effective way of using the decorative stitches on your sewing machine.

  6. Your quilting pulls you into the black hole. Very effective with the different stitches and lines made of glass beads.

  7. Like always a very impressive piece. I love the way you used glass beads for lines in between the embroidery. Bravo.

  8. A unique and well thought out design and interpretation of the theme. Your stitching and beading creates such beautiful movement drawing our eyes towards the dark hole. Lovely!

  9. studiociboulette

    Truly unique and beautiful design. The movement brings you inside the quilt. The details in the embroidery are gorgeous.

  10. English quilter

    A beautiful interpretation of the theme. The quality of your stitching and beading is incredible. The piece swirls like space and creates a wonderful sense of movement. The overall effect is very elegant.

  11. Scary indeed, but not your interpretation of it, its just beautiful. Love the strong contrast and sharp lines, well done!

  12. joanbrailsford

    I like the way that your stitching seems to focus the attention on the black hole,and gives the piece movement. A really well thought out and constructed take on the theme

  13. Very moving and strong just like the concept that inspired you. Well done!

  14. Maryte Collard

    Love your stitching and how equally it spreads. I can feel black hole sucking me in…

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