Greetje Hein – Circle(s) – Soap Bubbles

For me this challenge was very difficult to start. So many ideas and possibilities, I could not decide what to do.

Then I found some organza and realized it would be interesting to see how colors change with several layers on top of each other.

I made a design with circles, big and small, partly over each other.  I stitched them with all shades of blue, purple and pink organza on a hand dyed background.

I quilted parts of the circles and the background in free motion quilting.

After that I framed it with a commercial fabric and added some strips of the same fabric.

Now it is finished I see soap bubbles. Perhaps because of the colors and the transparency of the organza.



close up view

circle(s) close-up

  1. Greetje what a beautiful design. I love the subtile colours of the organza en the bold design of the commercial fabric. It is a wonderful combination.

  2. beautiful and the use of organza is always amazing on the different results it gives over other colours. The design is well balanced and eye catching. Bravo

  3. This piece is colourful and fun! I particularly like the sliced nature of the largest circle, with the circle-printed background coming through.

  4. Greetje, this is a beautiful design, so many layers of bubbles and the bubble fabric part circles overlay creates depth. Beautiful quilting. A very special quilt. Well done.


    Organza gives such stunning results, every time you use it. The effect that you reached really feels like soap bubbles, and the way you put it in the back ground, very well done!

  6. Interesting design. I love the subtle colours, the many layers creating the colour changes and the illusion of the the circles being sliced up. Well done.

  7. I like the different shades of colour you got with the organza, we can see the soap bubbles !
    Your quilting and embroidery around the organza shapes are beautiful !

  8. carolinehiggs

    I love the combination of the mix of organza and the commercial fabric, and then the areas that are heavily stitched and those with none, a very effective result.

  9. Beautifully stitched and what a find in the commercial fabric, it really off sets the softness of the circles

  10. English quilter

    It does look like bubbles! The colors are beautiful and I love your use of pebbles in the quilting motifs. The fabric you chose for the frame is perfect.

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