Eke Krug – M

M from Metallic in textile

Inspiration: Upcycle, making something new from a piece that exists. In this series six art-quilts are made from one old damask tablecloth.

This time it was more difficult to find something that matches the M. But as I like to work with metallics in textile, metallic threads, metal foils, fabric with metal threads woven in it, metallic textile paints and even real metals, it becomes Metallic in textile.

And because I make a series of six, this is the fifth piece, it has to be in line with the rest. So the circles come back, and the background matches with the surrounding pieces. Different techniques are used to create the metal look. Mylar is glued on tyvek, shrunk and treated with gesso and fabric paint. Volume fleece is painted and metal foil is ironed on it. Hot spots are ironed on organza silk, followed by metal foil. Puff paint and stencil, painted with metallic textile paint. Even real tin is sewed on it. On the left side there is linen, woven in with metallic threads and on the right is a piece of silk with iron woven in it.

My thoughts by this piece are still busy with all the effects of the pandemic in the world. For instance the news, what is true and what is fake, these are questions that are more frequently asked by now. That is what is happening in this piece, the question, is it real metal, or is it fake and just looks like metal…

Materials: Damask tablecloth – iron and tea for dyeing –  silk – linen/steel fabric – Mylar – Tyvek – volume fleece – metal foils – puff paint – tin – different kinds of Sulky threads – 20/80 batting – cotton backside

Techniques: machine stitching

Detail views:

  1. A very cleverly constructed piece, I love the way that you have linked the metal or not with news or fake. Beautifully worked; well done

  2. I do not think your design is busy, I like the flow of the circles. Lovely work and technique.

  3. You have created another masterpiece of research and processing of fabrics combined with metals and not. I love it. Bravo!

  4. Another beautiful piece ! it is not too busy for me, it is linked to the others and I can’t wait to see all of them together !

  5. So many different techniques and they all come together so beautiful. What is “mylar”?
    Love all this metallics. Well done.

  6. Very impressed with all the different techniques used in this piece. I like the way you have made this so connected to today’s difficult reality. All the metallics work so well. Well done.

  7. What an amazing piece! Love all the texture, techniques and thought behind your composition. Love it!

  8. Love the design in this piece. Perfect combination of metallic and intrusive reality!

  9. What a beautiful and dynamic piece this is, and as always, very interesting with all the techniques and fibres you use. There is something to find in every part and I love the balance of shapes and textures. Wonderful

  10. What a beautiful use of metals once again. I like the textures you have created. One’s eye flows easily throughout your composition, and I really like the appearance of rust in your quilt.

  11. studiociboulette

    I love your color combination and details of stitching. It is a beautiful quilt. Bravo.

  12. Eke, as in every other piece in this series your creativity is limitless. You created a piece that takes my breath away.It makes me wander from circle to circle, trying to guess what material you mentioned in a description was used for it.

  13. The colours are lovely and I’m impressed by the number of ways you have used to incorporate metals into your design.

  14. Lovely now you used such a lot of different metals. A great addition to you series.

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