Paulette Meldrum – Recycle – Using up the Off-cuts

During a much needed tidy up of my studio I found a box containing off-cuts of a quilt completed in 2008, even the background fabric was there, and the lemon and lime spotted fabric which I have used as a binding. I have included a close up of a corner of the original quilt. On my recycling quilt, “Using up the Off-cuts” the horizontal strips of fabric on the left were spares from the large flying geese. The small blocks were constructed using the same centre fabric as the original quilt and sufficient bordering strips were in the box too, although some needed joining. The three vertical strips on the right side of the quilt were from one piece of already constructed fabric. I discarded the cut off back corners of all the flying geese as they didn’t fit into my new design. I added the varying sized spots as a design feature to echo the spotted fabrics in the quilt. Now I will dispose of the box to a new owner to use for her mini projects. The original quilt was named “Lemon, Lime and a dash of Turquoise”.

Original Quilt:

DSC_Recycling origin

Recycled Quilt:


  1. I like the way you have shown the original to add value to the new piece.

  2. Love to see the original quilt and the new one together. Very nice idea.

  3. What a change for the original very creative design.

  4. What a wonderful idea of transforming an old quilt to a new one! Well done. I’ve tried this before, and the creative process was interesting.

  5. It is very interesting to see what you’ve done with the off-cuts ! different and so similar !

  6. I love the bright colors and the use of off-cuts from another project. There are similarities yet the two are completely different. Well done!

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