Elsy Menko – S

S for Seascape

The background was made after having seen the seascape tutorial by Alison Whateley and is made up of a piece of old jeans, strips of cotton, organza, lace and gauze. The gull is embroidered by hand. Some more embroidery by hand is incorporated at the bottom.

  1. carolinehiggs

    Elsy, this is lovely and a scene that I can relate to! I love the way that you have built the texture and colour, a very peaceful piece, even if I can hear the gulls in my head…

  2. What a beautiful piece Elsy. I just love it. The build up of the ocean is so nicely done and such a clever idea to outline part of the flying seagull with some black embroidery. Love your fence too. Bravo!

  3. A beautiful and harmful piece Elsy. I can imagine myself, walking by and hear the sound of the sea and the seagull. Love your design and combination of techniques to get this result!

  4. It is a beautiful piece Elsy and I really like how the ocean is built up ! the scene speaks to me as I live close to the ocean now !

  5. So peaceful. I like the details in the fence and the plants.

  6. I love the colours, the composition and how you used so many different and unusual fabrics.

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