Chantal Guillermet



I am a French textile artist and teacher and I live in Brittany on the French West Coast. I grew up surrounded by fabrics, thread and fibres : all women in my family used to work with textile.

Landscape and nature are my favourite themes, but I am also inspired by my journeys and use my own pictures in my work. My love for Middle Eastern countries and India have inspired several of my quilts. Recently I started to work with my environment in Brittany. I like to experiment and test my ideas as well as the different medias I want to use in a sketchbook first. I dye my own fabrics, stamping, screenprinting or discharging according to the project. Working mainly from the isolation of my studio, teaching is for me an opportunity to meet people and share my knowledge.

My quilts have been exhibited in France and several other countries : Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, The Netherlands, Mexico, Taïwan.

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